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ELLE editors weigh in on the secrets to French-girl hair, mermaid length, mega volume, and more. Here are the shampoos and conditioners we trust to make our hair goals a realit



B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo

An old roommate of mine worked for a fashion magazine, she lent me some of her obscure, slightly disgusting French shampoo. It was the color and texture of an Orange Julius, it smelled a bit like carrots and salmon, but it made my hair shinier and bouncier and happier that it had ever been. Fortunately, just a few years later, Philip B launched his Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo, which delivers the same shine and volume as that magic carrot-codfish cleanser, but at a slightly better price and with zero fishy smell.
 —Emily Dougherty, Beauty & Fitness Director
Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo, $50;













Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo


This stuff is like soft, shiny magic in a bottle. The first time I used this shampoo/conditioner combo—while staying at a friend’s house—I couldn’t believe the voluminous, glossy powers it had on my head. I’ve dreamed of having mermaid hair since I was five, and this concoction is the closest I’ve ever come to having strands that could rival Ariel’s. 

—Sally Holmes, Deputy Editor


Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo, $26;



Milbon Plarmia Hairserum F Shampoo


 It’s funny—the shampoos and conditioners that make my hair the most lustrous and awesome aren’t necessarily even meant for my hair type. Ones that promised they were for “textured” or “chemically treated” hair (I’ve got bleach, keratin, and remnants of chemical relaxer in my hair), but I was lured by Plarmia Hairserum shampoo’s opulent purply-blue packaging and intoxicating smell. The antioxidant-rich, protein-infused blend of jojoba and soybean leaves my hair crazily soft and shiny. And my hair is not soft and shiny. The conditioner is equally miraculous and comes in an outside tub.
—Megan O’Neill, Beauty and Fitness Editor
Milbon Plarmia Hairserum F Shampoo; for more information visit



Christophe Robin Delicate Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts 


I was in Paris the first time I encountered Christophe Robin’s rose shampoo, poking around the beauty products in Colette. One sniff, and I was sold—despite the fact that it cost more than any other hair product I had ever bought. Of course, I felt I needed to buy the conditioner too…. But oh, was my impulsive splurge worth it. Not only did they leave my hair smelling lightly of my favorite flower, they also hydrated—and seemingly thickened—my damaged, lackluster strands. From that moment on, I’ve been a Christophe Robin devotee—the Instant Volumizing Mist with Rosewater? Mwah!—and now that the French hair pro’s brand is finally available in the States, I’m no longer having to shlep it back in bulk on Delta.

—April Long, Executive Beauty Editor

Christophe Robin Delicate Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts, $38;





L’oréal Lumino Contrast Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Quenching Mask 


I like to mix and match my shampoos and conditioners, and this combo seems to be working for me of late. The transparent shampoo (intended for highlighted hair, which I don’t have right now, but whatever) is light and bubbly and always makes my hair feel squeaky clean. The masque, which I only leave in for about 30 seconds ‘cuz I get bored, feels a little more intensive than your average conditioner, but doesn’t weigh my fine, but also very thick, hair down. What can I say: Why fix what ain’t broke? —Justine Harman, Senior Entertainment Editor

L’Oréal Paris Professionnel Expert Serie Lumino Contrast Shampoo, $13; jet.comBumble and Bumble Quenching Mask, $38;




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