These Panty Hose Will Give You an Instant Pedicure

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Any product that saves time and makes you look good usually garners excitement and intrigue across the web. Japanese brand Belle Maison’s “instant pedicure” panty hose definitely fall into that category, and yes, the internet is excited. 


These stockings feature individual toes — like those rainbow knee-high socks from the ‘90s — that are pre-painted with cute designs. You slip them on, line the designs up with your toenails, and then walk around with a compliment-worthy pedicure that required zero effort on your part.


Not only do you get an instant pedicure out of these stockings, you can also wear them with open-toed shoes without the dreaded webbed feet effect. Just in time for sandal season.


There are a bunch of designs to choose from, including flamingos, tiled flowers, mermaid-inspired, Alice in Wonderland and… wait for it… Chip and Dale. Yes, the endearing, furry critter duo from your childhood.


Currently, it appears as if the stockings are only available for purchase in Japan. Looks like you’re stuck with actual polish — for now, anyway. 



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